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Business Advisory Services

The Ibex Group provides board and executive teams expert advice in the following areas:

--- Strategy and Business Modeling
--- Partnering and New Markets
--- Legal, Regulatory, and Governmental Affairs
--- Corporate Structure and Organizational Design.

Strategy and Business Modeling

Too often, stakeholders, employees, and even executives admit confusion over what their company is fundamentally about.

We will assist your board and executive teams to clarify such matters quickly and cleanly.

Our work at this level involves:

--- Simplifying and streamlining strategy, business models, market positioning, and brand.

--- Balancing inherent tensions between short-term imperatives (usually quantitative) and longer term objectives (generally qualitative).

--- Identifying and resolving internal fragmentation, and bridging functional and operational gaps.

--- Preparing your company structurally and commercially for significant partnering, private placement, and initial public offering.

--- Helping your people communicate the commercial value and vision of your company with substance, clarity, and style—both internally and externally.

Partnering and New Markets

Our team is expert in creating good deals.

We model and streamline transactions in ways that make it easy to do business with your company. We create partnering arrangements that:

--- Eliminate the bulk of unnecessary legal language and posturing.

--- Result in profitable and sustainable arrangements.

--- Achieve a common partnering foundation.

--- Provide built-in incentives for each partner to collaborate for success.

In addtion, we clarify your internal functions, which propels internal buy-in for deals and accelerates their closure.

Our team will assist your team to:

--- Identify, select, negotiate, and close deals with partners.

--- Simplify complex transactions to achieve clear, manageable, and fair business arrangements.

--- Structure successful up- and downstream commercial arrangements, incentives, processes, and long-term relationships.

--- Prepare well-crafted, airtight agreements.

Legal, Regulatory, and Governmental Affairs

We are expert in integrating business and legal teams to increase your ability to identify hurdles, reduce risks, and accelerate the closure of transactions.

In particular, we're uniquely situated to help your team:

--- Model and simplify contracts for customers, partners, employment, and intra-corporate arrangements.

--- Establish regulatory strategy and tactics, creating rational frameworks for compliance with regulated activities and consistent execution worldwide.

--- Negotiate with governmental entities regarding local operations, licensing, and partnering.

--- Design in-house legal departments, determine appropriate skill sets, people, and budgets, as well as balance and prioritize the roles of inside experts and outside counsel.

--- Prepare crisp internal policies and processes tailored to your company and industry to ensure manageable compliance with law.

--- Select, manage, coordinate, and control the costs of legal, tax, and related business advisors.

Corporate Structure and Organizational Design

Establishing and interacting with your various corporate entities around the world has a fundamental impact on operating costs. Such costs, however, remain some of the most tolerated, and sometimes unnecessary, costs of doing cross-border business.

Our team will help you to review your corporate structure and intra-corporate agreements, to determine whether there are compelling reasons for change.

Similarly, your internal organization and reporting lines may reflect executives’ historical roles rather than their best capabilities. They may also reflect past stages of a fast-maturing business that are no longer relevant.

We will review your company’s current organizational design, assess skill levels, and help your team determine whether a different model is appropriate.

Specifically, we will help you to:

--- Prepare your company structurally and commercially for significant private placement and initial public offering.

--- Simplify corporate structure and pursue cost efficiency.

--- Establish commercial and corporate presence globally.

--- Set up foreign branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices.

--- Identify and appoint qualified, ethical local representatives, board members, officers, and management teams who fit your company's chemistry and add value to your operations.

--- Design and institutionalize simple, sensible internal policies, processes, delegations of authority, and intra-corporate agreements.

--- Define optimal organizational structures, eliminate overlap, and ensure cross-functional alignment.


Please feel free to contact us for additional information regarding the above and similar services.



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