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Our focus

Many companies meet targets, keep pace with the competition, and consistently please the street. But business fluidity and market dominance elude them.

While executives may be regarded as "successful," many acknowledge that key components of their operations are significantly less than excellent.

Blurred lines, gaps, and overlaps diminish the value of even the most competitive companies---inefficiencies that prevent them, and their people, from leveraging full potential. Yet, most companies don't focus resources on such untapped value.

Instead, some executives remain fixated on short-term and top-line targets, content to apply some of their gains below the line. Achieving on a consistent curve becomes "good enough," and companies find their stride in the competitive pack.

By contrast, clear winners separate from the crowd by pushing beyond habitual "good" performance. By aligning a few fundamentals, they extract that remaining 10 or 20 percent of value. In doing so, they change the entire trajectory of their business.

Those are the efforts that attract the best customers, keep the most talented people, generate superior stakeholder value, and cut a path to market dominance.

And those are the matters on which the Ibex Group is focused.

Our Services

We work closely with board-level and executive teams to provide innovative business and legal advisory services in the following areas:

Strategy and Business Modeling

Partnering and New Markets

Legal, Regulatory, and Governmental Affairs

Corporate Structure and Organizational Design

Project and Vendor Management

We work on two levels: one addressing the "macro" foundations essential to your business, and the other focused on the details necessary for rapid and sustained execution.

At the macro level, we are expert in designing strategy and business models, aligning internal functions, and optimizing your market position.

We are also fluent in the finer points required to support your business, such as rationalizing internal policies, processes, and core documents, and structuring and negotiating effective partnering arrangements.

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