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Case Study — Vendor Management


Large outsourcing deal exposed multiple vendor contracts with inconsistent services, rates, and termination dates, requiring consolidated contract with best rates and optimum terms and conditions with no reduction in service levels.


--- Audited contracts, services, invoices; reviewed industry standards; re-modeled vendor relationships.

--- Significantly improved new terms and conditions through extensive negotiations.

--- Negotiated business down-turn terms to consolidate and/or terminate contracts.

--- Created new Layer 1 & 2 Service Level Agreement Program to institute self-monitoring by each vendor.

Financial Impact:

--- Reduced contract commitments by US$10 million in a single year.

--- Generated consolidated overall savings of US$40 million.

Strategic Impact:

--- Vendors subsequently maintained services and invoices per contract.

--- SLA Program became a standard measure of performance for at least one vendor's wholesale business.



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