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Case Study — Branding and Trademarks


Urgent requirement to secure intellectual property rights for new corporate name and brand worldwide.


--- Designed and executed campaign to register intellectual property rights in 204 countries and territories.

--- Immediately prepared and launched program in all industrialized jurisdictions.

--- Secured registrations in more than 60 percent of the countries within several weeks.

--- Active phase of project fully completed globally in less than 12 months.

Financial Impact:

--- Total project expenditure less than US$500K—one-third of the minimum budget estimated by law firms and similar service providers.

Strategic Impact:

--- Solid intellectual property rights allowed the effective launch and expansion of one of the most powerful brands in its industry.

--- Because of trademark rights and brand strength worldwide, brand was later selected as post-merger brand, displacing a more ubiquitous competitor brand.

--- Trademark strength also withstood a number of intellectual property disputes at minimum cost.



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