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Case Study — New Market Expansion


Required rapid expansion of telecoms operations into “monopoly” markets to beat competition in race for global footprint.


--- Designed simple business model, established processes, and managed complex and strategic plan.

--- Centralized disparate functions and activities into a new unified team of experts, previously fragmented across regions.

--- Expanded operations in highly restrictive countries through partnering.

--- Identified, structured, and negotiated partnering agreements in more than 50 countries.

Financial Impact:

--- Immediately achieved the goals of securing revenue at risk, generating new revenue, and reducing operating costs.

--- First year financial impact more than US$130 million.

--- Four year financial impact more than US$500 million ($350 million new revenue, $50 million secured revenue, and more than $100 million operating cost reductions).

Strategic Impact:

--- Greatly expanded operating rights, presence, sales, and brand.

--- Galvanized core competitive advantages, and outdistanced competitors in every region worldwide.

--- Created de facto dominance, raising significant barriers to competitor entry in key strategic countries.

--- Filled a fundamental gap in company operations.



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